TSTV Decorder|Price, Specifications and Features Of TSTV Decorder

TSTV ( Telecom satelite TV)  a pay as you consume TV cable to give many a hiss of release from troubles from hitherto existing TV cables. The TV  cable is in partnership with European based television station-ABS GLOBAL to launch a satellite Tv into Nigerian Broadcasting Service.Here we shall be exposing to you TSTV Price|Specifications and Features. 

TSTV Decorder Special Features

Here are the list of what you get to enjoy with the TSTV decorder

  • Video call with other subscribers using IP
  • webcam
  • pause subscription function
  • Record and play back
  • 50GB internal sorage
  • external hard drive compatibility(up to TB)


  • WIFI up to 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 3.0
  • 1GB Ethernet
  • RF for hybrid remote controls
  • Brings television  channels in standard and high definitions
  • Browse content from twiter, facebook,daily motion, video on demand sites etc
  • convert one’s TV into a smart Tv using it.
  • complimentary 20GB internet capacity every month

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TSTV Decorder Benefits

  1. Watching Your favourite football matches:- TSTV is packaged with 100 channels including 12 sports channels that will show top football leagues.so it a sefe haven for foot ball lovers
  2. Hotspot functionality:-The decorder is also built as a hotspot serving device,i.e, you can connect your s mart phones to TSTV 20GB hotspots using wifi
  3. video call conferencing:- you can also enjoy video call conferencing with a camera on this device
  4. storage for recorded videos:- it has 50GB hard disk to save recorded TV programmes and a pause / play functionality. And alot more

TSTV Decorder Price

TSTV Decorder is produced for the people not for profit . D you know why i said that ,TSTV Decorder will only cost you five thousand Naira only.

TSTV Decorder Channels

sports channels

  • star sports
  • for sports
  • Euro sports news
  • Euro sports2
  • kwese sports 1
  • kwese  free sports
  • kwese ESPN
  • MS extreme
  • bein sports max 4HD
  • bein sports 3 HD
  • bein sports global
  • bein sports MAX(bein  sports1-10)
  • TS sports 4HD
  • TS sports 2
  • TS sports 3
  • yolo sports HD

music channels

  • Trace urban/africa
  • TLC (HD)

News channels

  • BBC America
  • CNBC
  • Aljazera
  • BBC radio2
  • TVC news
  • United state of America Embassy
  • sky news
  • Arewa 24
  • ait
  • core tv news
  • france 24(Engliscctv news
  • channels tv
  • bloomberg tv
  • DW
  • Fox news
  • TRTworld
  • press tv
  • NTA
  • arise news
  • TV 360 nigeria

TSTV Kiddies Channels

  • Nickeloodeon
  • CN Cartoon network
  • Disney channel
  • Boing
  • jimjam
  • baby Tv
  • Ts junior kids HD
  • fix fox
  • panda Biggs

movie channels

  • star movie
  • MBC Action
  • MBC2
  • African movie channel(African magic)
  • liberty TV
  • MBC Bollywood
  • wazabia TV
  • wap Tv
  • viasat life
  • fine living
  • fox
  • fox life
  • investigation discovery
  • MBC4
  • mbOX HD
  • PC TV
  • Star gold HD
  • nollywoodTv
  • Z cinema
  • E Entertainment
  • Ben Bridging the gap
  • BET
  • ST Novela
  • TS Movie HD
  • TS series

Science channels

  • Discovery channels
  • Nat geo gold
  • AD
  • national geographic
  • Discovery health Tv

Fashion channels

  • fashion one
  • AHTV


  • Dove Tv
  • Emmanuel Tv
  • Sunna TV
  • mountain of fire and miracle ministries
  • EWTN-global catholic network
  • TBN network
TSTV Decorder Subscription Fee

Bounquets                                          Price                                              Data Allowed

monthy                                                 N3,000                                            10GB

2 Weeks                                               N1,500                                           5GB

10 DAYS                                                N1,000                                              3GB

weekly                                                   N750                                                 2GB

3 days                                                  N500                                                   1GB

daily                                                     N200                                                  500MB

I hope this article has been helpful in knowing TSTV Decorder,Price, Specifications and Features Of TSTV Decorder


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