Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Full Fight Video as Mayweather Wins in10th

You can now Watch Mayweather vs McGregor full fight Video as Mayweather Wins the mouth making McGregor just in the 10th round of the supposed 12 rounds the fight was to take.

Conor McGregor insists that his legs were just wobbly – but he could have gone on past the 10th round. He really lost his fatigue when given a continuous blow by the champion. And indeed, no one watching though, really thought McGregor was going to come back from his apparent fatigue.

The 40-year-old said afterwards the fight would be his last, before thanking his ‘dance partner’ McGregor.

“He is a tough competitor and I thought we gave the fans what they wanted to see.

“He is a lot better than I thought he was, he used different angles and was a tough competitor but I was the better man tonight.

“Our game-plan was to take our time, let him shoot all his heavy shots early on and then take him down at the end, down the stretch.

“We know in the MMA he fights 25 minutes real hard and after that he starts to slow down.

“I guaranteed this fight wouldn’t go the distance. A win is a win.”

Floyd Mayweather has beaten Conor McGregor in Las Vegas, claiming his 50th victory and maintaining his unbeaten record.

During the post fight conference, McGregor feels he could have gone on, while he said that, Mayweather replied him that the referee only saved him, that the referee was good enough to consider his future. Gregor said.

“I took the early rounds fairly handy,” he said. “I thought it was close, I thought the stoppage was a bit early, there was a lot on the line and I thought he should have let me carry on.

“I was just a little fatigued. He is composed and you have got to give it to him.

“I thought it was close. I get a little wobbly when I’m tired, it is fatigue, the referee could have let it keep going, let the man put me down. I am clear headed.

“Where were the final two rounds? Let me wobble to the corner and make him put me down.

“I’ve been strangled on live TV and came back. When you’re in here in the squared circle, everything is different.”

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