WhatsApp 4G VIP Download / Free WhatsApp 4G VIP App

We sincerely wish to warn WhatsApp messenger users to be mindful of this: Whatsapp 4G VIP is now released, you must install it now to enjoy latest features like private message without showing your number, free wi-fi mode, video calling, who view your profile picture, free call etc. This is only for invited user so i am inviting you to download now.

WhatsApp 4G VIP Download / Free WhatsApp 4G VIP App

Whatsapp 4G VIP download is not real and please we urge you not to use because the instant messaging application “Whatsapp” has become a part and parcel of every smartphone and preferred over regular messaging services, and download malware to your phone. Click here to download normal version.

Yes another WhatsApp version with the name WhatsApp 4G is is real and available for download, but any one telling you about new 4g VIP Whatsapp download should be ignored for the safe of your Smartphone and computer.

PLEASE NOTE: You can Download Normal WhatsApp messenger here

The 4g VIP WhatsApp even though it is not unique has attracted millions of users to download it, promising them that it has lots of amazing features like video calling but an ethical elite in software development, Rafay Baloch after analyzing the version warned people not to download it.

They have also promised that the new WhatsApp version 4g vip is designed with a glittery interface, but to make it clear to you this WhatsApp version is basically a hoax. They also says that to download this fancy version, you must have to send invites to 15 friends.

Ignore WhatsApp 4G VIP Download Free

Though they said is done by invite, you will notice that even after sending lots of invites, it takes you to another link. Please in order for me to cutting it short, this is just a scam having no link with the original WhatsApp application.

Beware of this alleged WhatsApp 4G VIP download and don’t get fooled by the amazing features as it would deliver malware to your smartphone.

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