WhatsApp Gold APK / Download WhatsApp Gold Version Free

It has just come to our notice that some credulous users of WhatsApp messenger users prompted into downloading WhatsApp Gold APK which is apparently a WhatsApp version that never existed and in turn infects people’s mobiles with malware

WhatsApp Gold APK / Download WhatsApp Gold Version Free

Whether it was the latest version of the messenger or a different app of its own, it was never a good idea to download WhatsApp Gold especially from the link which they are sharing online that they called Whatsapp.goldenleak.com.

Users should bear in mind that this url www.whatsapp.goldenleak.com is not a safe one to visit with your new or old mobile phone as it is capable of infecting your phone with malware as stated from the very beginning of this article.

We want to use this medium to advice all users of the App, WhatsApp messenger not to involve themselves in the act of Whatsapp Gold Version download if they actually value their phones.

The owner of the world’s number one social network application and his workers are not asleep, and has always released WhatsApp latest version which your old version of the app on its own tells your to upgrade to.

WhatsApp Gold APK Download / Whatsapp Gold Edition 5.5

Thousands of users were given the option to download ‘WhatsApp Gold,’ This fake version of the app which actually went viral claimed to offer premium features that were only previously available to celebrities and users of status

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Please we urge you, irrespective of how they may preach you ignore them. I have seen one of the ways in which they lure users into downloading the app. Yes even as we are determined to pin them down, you should also help us by not trying to download WhatsApp Gold App for your phone. The Article read thus.

Now you can use Whatsapp Gold Edition along with Whatsapp original application on your smartphone simultaneously.

Please do not mind such, it is not true. You cannot use the original messenger with any other of its equivalent if there is any. Though as we noticed that the desire to stay on top of trends and ahead of our friends have made many try the WhatsApp Gold APK download act, which never works out.

Whatsapp Gold Veersion Features

As they may tell you that the listed bellow are the new features of the WhatsApp Golden leak version.

  • Name : whatsappgo
  • Package name : com.wago
  • Disable voice call
  • Disable voice note
  • Attach button call button hide
  • Base : 2.12.437
  • Show my name instead of chat (after install, first time restart wago manually)
  • New message send sound added
  • Added toast if someone writes you
  • Now search theme from server and install it.

So please we urge you to be careful when downloading any app on your mobile devices, WhatsApp messenger updates are seen on the apps notification when ever new version is released. But obviously WhatsApp Gold APK upgrade could very well lead to cyber nightmares like malware.

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