WhatsApp Gold Version Download / whatsapp.goldenleak.com

I was really amazed when i heard about the WhatsApp Gold Version Download which to many people was secretly built and made for highly recognized world celebrities, but now every one can easily download the WhatsApp goldenleak and use.

WhatsApp Gold Version Download / whatsapp.goldenleak.com

WhatsApp Gold is believed to contain lots of many added features which is ordinarily cannot be found in the normal WhatsApp messenger. Some of the added features will be listed bellow as we proceed in this review. The secret of the new version is that you have to Click Invite Friends button in order to Open Whatsapp and send Invite to 5 groups and 10 Whatsapp friends.

Please note that is is only active friends who are to be invited only. After you have finished Activating WhatsApp Gold version, automatically your Whatsapp Icon in your device will change from its normal green color to golden color and you can enjoy all the amazing added features.

Apart from the free WhatsApp Gold Version Download trending today which to many people is not in existence, just a couple of hours back, the upgrade of WhatsApp Plus v2.12.272 propelled and it isavailable to download in your android operating devices. You can likewise get the Crack variant of WhatsApp Plus v2.12.272 gave by Techolaty.

WhatsApp Gold Version Download / www.whatsapp.goldenleak.com

Just as i have made it known to you earlier, there is no special way or to download WhatsApp Gold Version for Android, iOS, Blackberry, computer or other operating systems. This means that in order to activate WhatsApp Gold, click invite button and sent invite to 5 groups and 10 WhatsApp friends.

Basic Features of WhatsApp Goldenleak Apk

  1. Video calling.
  2. Check Profile visitors.
  3. Send more than 10 pics at once.
  4. Delete your Sent messages on both side.
  5. Change whatsapp themes.
  6. Stickers support.
  7. Encrypted texts.
  8. Free Sms and call to any numbers.
  9. and many more features.

Remember that if you encounter any form of issue during your free WhatsApp Gold Version Download or as you try to activate the the Goldenleak version of the messenger, use the comment box bellow to reach us. You can also share your doubt about the new rumored new version

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