WhatsCall Download / Download WhatsCall App Free for Calls

Have you heard of free WhatsCall Download before? If no then you really have to proceed and download the app which allows users to make both local and international calls absolutely free of charge.

WhatsCall Download / Download WhatsCall App Free for Calls

With the help of the app, WhatsCall app, you can call your loved ones frequently and with a high quality voice calls as if they are very close to you like never before. There are lots of enjoying features in Whatscall app for Android and other devices which is basically designed for common people and crazy dudes like you.

Many users of the app has been asking us questions like “how much free minutes for can be given out for calling“? but the truth is that once you download WhatsCall apk for mobile, you automatically has 2000+ free call credits each day of your use, which makes 30+ minutes free time.

Though we are still going to show you how to get free call credits, but you have to note that free callings credit and free minutes are not same. Free credits will deduct from your account for each minutes.

WhatsCall app free calling minutes vary from country to country, lets take for instance calling to India needs 110 calling credits to make one minute calling and make 9 minutes calls with 1000 calling credits. While to Canada 33 minutes free calls can do same 1000 calling credits. But you know that you cannot do all this without free WhatsCall Download

How to get free WhatsCall app calling credits

Just as said earlier, once you download Whatscall app, the app offers you thousands of calling credits, though there are some simple activities you may need to do. One of the activities is WhatsCall app Sign up.

You can also earn 1000 WhatsCall calling credits by inviting your friends to sign up WhatsCall account. So to earn call credits, you have to start inviting your friends to join WhatsCall for free global calling on Facebook messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp messenger and many other social platforms.

There are so much other advantages you can derive after free WhatsCall Download. So besides chatting with WhatsCall users, you can as well communicate with non-WhatsCall users for FREE. You can also call any mobile/landline numbers in more than 230 countries.

WhatsCall Apk Calling credits per minute for some countries.

  • India-110, United States-120, Russia-260, China-120, UK-130,
  • Brazil-1090, Mexico-280, Canada-30, Ukraine-1340, Germany-1000, Spain-140,
  • Japan-430,Hong Kong-210,Singapore-60,Israel-210 and Egypt-540.

There will be no extra charges for calling home and abroad. Currently, millions of people are enjoying the benefits of WhatsCall app.

How to Download WhatsCall App free  / WhatsCall Download

Download Whatscall app from play store and install it to experience the inbuilt features in it. Whatscall app currently available for Android only. Immediately after the download, you have to get a gang by inviting your friends, collect free calling credits.

Estimated number of the app downloads range between 5000000 and 10000000 as per google play store. WhatsCall – Free Global Calls content rating is Rated for 3+.

WhatsCall to WhatsCall is free for calling online WhatsCall user is CREDIT-FREE. We advice you now to invite your friends to use WhatsCall and enjoy high quality online calling with them for free using Wi-Fi. Click here for WhatsCall download free

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