Who is Richer Between Peter and Paul Okoye : See Networth

Many people have been asking and arguing among themselves who is richer between Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare? but the truth is that Paul Okoye is very much Jealous of his brother, Peter Okoye’s Success, this is revealed by Family Source.

Who is Richer Between Peter and Paul Okoye : See Networth

The since their break up lots of months ago, fans are still hoping that the duo may still comeback again together, but an insider has revealed that Psquare musical duo, Peter and Paul Okoye may never again reunite from the look of things.

This heartbreaking fact between Peter and Paul Okoye situation was made known to the general public by a close source to the twins who requested hide of identity.

See Who is Richer Between Peter and Paul Okoye

According to the close source when trying to react to the question of the richest person between Paul and Peter okoye, A family source said Peter Okoye’s success is likely to make Paul Okoye go under. In the past one week, Paul Okoye shows his IG fans that he is beefing his brother.

The source went further to say that

Though the twins are trying to put up a front that all is well by kissing and making up publicly but the cracks have only grown deeper. One thing you can’t ignore is the fact that Peter still is pur­suing a solo career despite their recent posts and apology to their fans. And whether we like it or not, Peter aka Mr. P it would seem has been experiencing a level of acceptance already.

“Remember a while ago he performed in Abuja alone without Paul and that show was a success. He also had a solo show in Dubai and ever since, he has been bombarding instagram with pictures of Mr. P, his new brand. The question now is, how is this going to impact P Square as a group because it is obvious that Peter is already looking beyond P Square,”.

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