Wikipedia Android Apps Download / PC /

You are about to start your free Wikipedia Android Apps Download or PC , which is an app that is designed to help you search, discover, and explore knowledge on the world’s number one information sharing website at

Wikipedia Android Apps Download / PC /

By doing a quick search through Wikipedia App, you can always settle a bet with a friend, knowing fully well that is the world’s number one search query provider, using Wikipedia app for Android you can easily dive into featured articles, images and lots more using the explore feed.

Just with a single search, supplies you with not less than 39 million articles in a close to 300 languages, and this is what gave it the edge over other websites in the search engine. With Wikipedia Android Apps Download free, your favorite free online encyclopedia will be right at your fingertips.

Features of Wikipedia app for Android

i. Explore feed – The ‘explore feed’ feature of Wikipedia is the one in-charge of offering to users recommended and newly updated Wikipedia contents. This updates appears on the home screen of the Wikipedia app, explore feed also offers trending articles, current events and suggested links to users.

ii. Voice-integrated search – This is a wonderful and unique feature incorporated with Wikipedia Android App which with you can easily find what you’re looking for using the voice-enabled search on your device.

iii. Language support – Just as we said earlier, Wikipedia Android apk, supports over 300 different languages. So you can either change the language of the served content, or your preferred search language while searching.

iv. Nearby – No other website has the ability to enable you learn more about what’s around you just by selecting points on an interactive map. app nearby feature is the only one that lets you see articles related to your current and nearby location.

v. Table of contents – To bring up table of contents of Android app, swipe left on any article. This feature lets you jump to article sections with ease.

vi. Wikipedia Zero – This helps users to access Wikipedia for Android free without any form of data charges. Though this is only for participating mobile operators.

Reading lists – With your Wikipedia Android Apps Download free, you can organize articles that you already browsed into a reading lists, and when you arrange them into reading list, you can access them even when you’re offline.

Wikipedia Android Apps Download /

To download Wikipedia app free, you have to follow the downloading portal as shown bellow. Select your kind of device as specified bellow.

To Download Wikipedia apk for Android phones. Click here

To Download Wikipedia app for windows phone, Click Here

For free Wikipedia apk download for iOS click Here

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