www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version At www.2go.im

www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version is the only right place where you can get any latest version of 2go for Android, Symbian, Java, iPhone or even 2go messenger for PC.

www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version At www.2go.im

With the help of www.2go.co.za all the lovers of 2go mobile social networking who have been anticipating for 2go latest version like 2go version 7.0.0, 2go v6.13, 2go version 6.1.2. According to the 2go team through their official website at www.2go.im or www.2go.com , 2go version 7 is the best.

2go version 6.1.3 to the latest version 7.0.0 is a total upward review of the mobile chatting app. Knowing fully well what it is to download 2go new version, am going to give you the link and as well the right guide on how to download it irrespective of your device.

2go v6.1.3 and version 7 has lots of improvements in lots of areas. Some of the new improvements is that you can now be able to Play games in rooms while online, Share files, photos and voice notes.

For the above reasons, you can now learn how to Download 2go Messenger Version 6.1.3 at www.2go.co.za to Meet new people in chat rooms – Chat to friends even on Facebook and Google Chat by sync of account, just with your www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version.

www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version At www.2go.im

There is no need for long story, we should just proceed straight how to Download 2go Messenger Version 7 at www.2go.im as the days has gone when we used the 2go 2.0 versions some years back. Though i will still splitting the versions into different sub-headings.

Statistics has sown that 2go messenger has over 50 million registered users across Africa with most users in Nigeria and South Africa i.e 13 million active users based within Nigeria, and moved from one 2go version to the other every year.

www.2go.co.za 2go Download is the only place to get the 2go messenger instant messaging application that has the best ever features that is so interesting, like Profile preview in rooms! Contact list search, with a chat room that looks prettier than anything.

Download 2go Messenger Version 7 at www.2go.im

It is quit obvious that by now majority of the 2go messenger users must have discovered that a New 2go Version 7, 2go v6.1.3, which replace 2go version 4.1 has been released. it also come with amazing features which 2go v5.0.3 lacked.

Features of the 2go version 6.0.1 (2go 6.0.1)

  • 2go rooms
  • My Profile
  • 2go News
  • Get go credits
  • 2go Market
  • Settings
  • Switch accounts
  • Connecting

Other added features are the possibility of Sending of Audio files over 2go, Sending of Video Files, The new version 5.0 from 2go.com should be easier to handle, Downloadable from major app stores and more

How To Download 2go Messenger Version 6.1.3 at www.2go.co.za

To download 2go messenger version 6.1.3 at www.2go.co.za is very simple if only you can follow the 2go download link and the easy steps shown bellow.

  1. Visit 2go official web page at 2go.com www.2go.im
  2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone
  3. Launch the application and fill in a short registration
  4. Start chatting!

For those who wants to download 2go for android operating system, simply go to your Google play store, type in 2go in the search box, click to download 2go and install in your phone. So start www.2go.co.za Download 2go New Version At www.2go.im here

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