Xender App Free Download For PC, Android, iPhone

Xender App Free Download For PC, Android, iPhone

Here i am going to show you the easy way to Xender App Free Download For either PC, Android phone or iPhone in order to Transfer files and share applications between phone and pc Faster than Bluetooth and Easier than AirDrop without any need for NFC.
Xender App is a tool which allows file transfers between PC, Android phone or iPhone devices with ease and at  fast rate. Xender which is owned by Sony Erickson uses the NFC protocol of all devices involved in the transfer Instead of using Bluetooth or WiFi, ensuring a transfer rate that is 4 to 40 times faster than normal Bluetooth means of sharing files.

Xender permits you to transfer virtually everything like contacts, files, images, music, videos, and even apps from your Android, iPhone or PC. The only thing you need to do, so as to be able is to create a transfer group and also make sure you are close to the user you want to transfer any of the files to.

NOTE: Xender can only work if the person you want to transfer files to is nearby you. So you really have to make sure you are close to the receiver or the sender, if some else is sending files to you. Once you meet all Xender requirements such as (all users been nearby and having the app installed), Xender begins its magics in data transfer.

Xender is very good due to its user-friendly interface and also incredible data transfer speed. The App allows the sender of any file up to five different devices simultaneously without any file slowing the other.

This article is purposely to provide for you the necessary guide and proper links through which you can  Download Xender app on Android, iPhone as well as Windows PC.


Am going to be showing you the link through which you will download to any device differently. This is to say that, the link for iPhone, Android and PC is different, make sure you choose the right link for your device.

Download Now For Any Device


In order to Download Xender for your PC then you are to follow all the steps given below which will help you to use Xender on computer.

Firstly you need to download and then install a software called BlueStacks app player on your computer.

Xender App Free Download For PC, Android, iPhone
The App is free to get and installed, all you need to do is to follow instructions on your screen as you are installing it.

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